Monday, June 13, 2016

Difference Between venomous and non venomous snake bite?


Character          Venomous
Shape of head:   Usually have Triangular shaped or diamond shaped head.
Pupils:                Elliptical pupil
Pit:                     Having a hit sensitivity pit on the head
Scales:               undivided single subcaudal scales                                                                                   
Tail:                   compressed
Bitemarks:         fang marks
Swim in water :  Most of the body afloat

Non -Venomous

Character          Non -Venomous
Shape of head:  Usually round shaped
Pupils:               round /pupil  or circular
Pit:                   Often do not have a heat sensing pit on the head
Scales:             double row subcaudal plates                                                                                  
Tail:                  not much compressed
Bitemarks:        two rows of teeth marks
Swim in water: often only head showing

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